Kilfitt Vaduz and Munich
Makro-Kilar 1:2.8 / 90 mm

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At infinity

The lens at infinity
The lens at maximum extension

The lens at maximum extension



Multi Kilar

An accessory called Multi-Kilar acts like a zoom Macro lens attachment. Is made to only work with the Marco-Kilar 90mm f/2.8 lens There is a lens inside the tube that matches with the 90mm Macro-Kilar lens. Up by the front of the Multi-Kilar is focusing helical that is marked x2, x21/2, x3, x31/2 and x4 went it is turned the magnification changes from 2x to 4x or power. The on the right side of the lens is a hand crank that you turn like a variable extension tube, it is marked x2-x4 to match up with magnification that you selected. There are three different tripod mounts on the bottom of the lens as well as a built-in drop-in filter slot. For more information see "ALPA 50 Jahre anders als andere", by Lothar Thewes, page 111


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Makro-Kilar 2.8-3.5/40
Makro-Kilar 2.8 / 90
Panosoft 2.8/110
Tele-Kilar 4/105
Kilar 3.8/135
Kilar 3.5/150
Tele-Kilar 5.6 / 300
Pan Tele-Kilar 4.0 / 300
Fern-Kilar 5.6 / 400
Sport-Fern-Kilar 5.6 / 600
Zoomatar 1.3/75
Zoomatar 1.3/180
Super-Zoomatar 1.2/240
Voigtländer Zoomar 2.8 / 36-82
Macro Zoomar 4 / 50-125

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Kowa 66

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